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            new Glenthorne diesel
            Glenthorne No.16
            simple 08 chassis conversion
             Kerr Stuart 2-6-4 tank
             Dholpur 2-8-4T
             Gwalior Railway style Mikado
             Backwoods 'Lyn' with 08 chassis
            Backwoods Darjeeling Pacific
             Bemo chassis conversion
             the building of 'River Avill'
             the building of the Baltic, 'Axe'
             the building of the Kitson Meyer
             building of the Mallet 'River Avon'
             building of the Mallet 'River Brue'
             the Glenthorne No.2 Baldwin
             prototype railcar no.200
             art deco railcar no.201
             railcar no.302
             production railcar no.304
             the Glenthorne railcar
             L&B loco with Grafar class 8 chassis