Building the Dholpur 2-8-4T

Dholpur is not too far from Agra and there was a captivating 2ft 6ins railway there, operating Hanomag tender engines and two rather strange Hunslet 2-8-4 pannier tanks, built in the 1950s. No one could ever call them beautiful; they looked top heavy and rather alien. Again, I was allowed to play with one for a day and grew to like the beast. I have been able to get virtually no information on these locos bar the two photos I took. They were built in the early 1950s so my rendition has to be one 'Hunslet made earlier' to operate it on County Gate and Cliffhanger. 
Being a tank engine, there is space to add enough ballast weight to haul decent length trains so the new class 08 chassis, bought for the purpose will remain powered. As with the Gwalior locomotive, a bit of butchery was needed to add an extra wheelset. Luckily, I had enough bits of scrap 08 chassis to give me what was needed for the conversion.

The new class 08 loco from Hattons.

The chassis is first stripped down.

The additional chassis is added.

The completed 8 coupled chassis. The part at the left is yet to be removed.

This is the chassis dismantled. Slots have been cut (wedged shape) to take the trucks. The two parts of the keeper plate show how it is 'stepped' so the short front section is captive under the main part.

Here, the rear truck has been fitted. The screw that holds it in place was live to the pick-ups. This would make the truck opposit polarity to the chassis and be a constant short problem. The screws has been insulated and a new wire soldered onto the phosphor bronze sheet so the truck remain same polarity as the chassis.

The truck is then weighted with lead and on to the front pony truck

One frame is now cut. It will be tacked onto another sheet to cut that one out too.
The front footplate is the first to affix. Both plate and frames are slotted to get the thing to fit correctly.

Now the bulk of the heavy soldering is complete on the chassis (bar a few details) focus is going to the cylinders and valve gear. The Roco gear needs to have the cylinders modified a bit for it to work. The screw and vertical plate is the front fixing of the body unit.

The footplate and coal bunker floor is fitted and this and the smokebox front plate will be the two fixing points of the body. The firebox and ashpan with linkage are fitted. Couplings are also in place.

The cab sides are made and soldered onto the body section which is the footplate.
The cab roof and firebox are made as separate units to facilitate easy painting later. The roof has an inner section which accurately locates it and makes gluing easier later on.
Now the job of building up the tank and boiler has started in earnest.
The completed body is sand blasted and primed.

The Roco valve gear is installed.

Detailing of the chassis complete.