Loco No 16.

This loco is a freelance design of shorter wheelbase for use on the Cliffhanger layout and uses a 'standard chassis' as described here. It is to be built loosely based on the 2-6-2 V.O.R. tank engines with a bit of Matheran thrown in!
When designing freelance locomotives, there is always the temptation to make those with the most pleasing lines to the builder.  The real world has many locomotives that are not ascetically pleasing to individuals. Personally, I dislike many Narrow gauge locomotives made in China which appear to have the smokebox sticking out far too much.

Another type of locomotive I like less are 'large boxes' and this includes the Vale of Rheidol engines and those of the Matheran. They of course need the extended water capacity but they still look like shoe boxes to me!

So this is a freelance 'shoe box' to all intents and purposes but will hopefully be an ace performer on the tight end radii of Cliffhanger and if nothing else, be visually very different.

This is a hybrid between the Matheran and Rheidol. I do rather like the complex forming of the cab and I have developed this further. I have a bunch of alternative L&B Backwoods cab etchings so this always helps.

I intend to make servicing easier by designing the loco with a 'plug-in' chassis.

A carrier frame is built which attaches to the chassis with two screws. The 'pillar' holds a four pin microsocket (from Express Models) which leads power from the wheels to the chip built into the body and return the motor power from the chip, (red, black, orange and grey wires).

The construction of the water tanks can be seen to the left.

The tanks are soldered to the carrier frame and stays soldered to the socket pillar as seen below. The boiler will be well below tank height and the smokebox recessed between the tanks.

The next step is to build up the front frames and buffer beam. The frames will later be cut away to clear the front pony truck.

The holes at the bottom of the water tanks are for later filling the tanks with lead shot.

The photo above shows the form complete at the front. The next step is to fabricate the coal bunker and cab.

The Bunkers are built

Boiler ready for installation.

Looking more like a Guinness locomotive at present until the cab is built!

The cab is taking form and the loco. is beginning to look a bit better!

All the major elements are now in place and detailing begins.

The pony trucks are made and the firebox fitted with ash pan control and washout plugs.

These photos show the loco prior to painting.

Lining is done using Fox transfers.

The completed chip installation.