Building the third prototype railcar (302)

a railcar meeting - click on image to enlarge

The experience gained operating the prototype railcars No 200 and 201 enabled Eastleigh to finalise their design and a final prototype car was built at Eastleigh, No 302.

The third car included a parcels compartment and first class seating.

Cooling was moved from the tractor car sides to the roof in this series. 


The basis for the railcar was the Riverossi  N scale diesel loco chassis which had previously been used in the now scrapped railcar 202.

The leading bogie of our railcars must reliably collect current from both rails in order that under automation, the units stop and start at the correct positions on our fiddle yards and platforms.

We have used bogies which are normally supplied with the Tomix N scale track cleaners. They were kindly sent to me by Dapol. The current collection springs transfer to copper tape attached to the rubbing plate. The end result is a very effective sprung bogie.

The bolster plate made in plastic and the Tomix bogie.

The made up bogie unit

Construction methods are largely similar to the first railcar. We built up the complex curves using soft sand bodyfiller.

the completed bodies under construction- click image to enlarge

the underside of the first class unit which shows the articulated bogie - click image to enlarge

the railcar underside with lead ballast weight added - click image to enlarge

approaching completion

The front of 302 showing Kent 'Clearview' screen

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