Glenthorne diesel

I had two Tomytec chassis available and thought it was time to get a bit 'art deco' silly!  The 1930s was a time of hope for the future. The modernism movement, later to be called art deco was in full flood. Air racing was the premier outdoor sport in the USA and airliners were finding their routes around the world.

This project reflects those times, just before the shadow of the Nazis fell over the world. As usual, no plans were drawn and the whole progression of the model was 'organic'!

The chassis is 1/16 brass

Here the front hood is formed. Drop windows from coach kits are used to form basis of windshield.

Here the two bodies are mounted on the Tomytec chassis. Conversion to DCC is not the most easy.

Forming of the cab interior

The body sides are soldered on. Again, they are quite thick brass. The wind shield now has been cut down and edged with wire to form the roofline.

The heavy duty draw gear is fabricated and installed.

The cab dash is fabricated and the body ends fitted. The roofs are made up. The framing is to prevent distortion when the roof well is cut out.

detailing has begun and the keen corridor connection added.

The cove line is added

steps and filler pipes

the shells are ready for wiring and painting

The upper light and horn nacelles are added

horns and air intake built

Header tanks fitted and fin on headlight nacelles

painting begins

The headlights jammed under the over bridges so were rebuilt. This is the unit close to completion.