Backwoods Baldwin (Lyn 2)

The chassis of my original 'Lyn' was built by Peter Wallace, who reported that it was extremely difficult to get right. The design is supposed to have compensated suspension. Sadly this did not work well and the system was locked. The loco is still running very well although the axle boxes are a bit worn now.

For the new 'Lyn' to be used on our Bratton Fleming layout, I was determined to use a mechanism which allowed for easy maintenance and had thought of using the new Lilliput chassis which is due out soon. In the end, I elected to maintain the correct wheelbase as it would have been very difficult to do otherwise with the etched bar frames. I therefore decided to turn a Grafar class 08 chassis into the motive power. 

I always try to build my models without the help of lathes and other fancy tools, which most modellers only dream about. This project was no exception.

The Grafar chassis was reduced to the metal block and with some 'cut and shut' technology we landed up with a 4 wheel chassis of the correct wheelbase.

the anatomy of Lyn - click on image to enlarge

More or less complete and now awaiting paint - click on image to enlarge

The loco ran perfectly for several shows and was then accidentally started flat out. From then on, the loco bucked like a wild horse and no amount of attention ever got the thing to work properly again!

Desperation grew until a search in my bit box turned up a discarded Grafar diesel chassis which had almost the perfect wheelbase.

Class 08 wheels dropped right in, both with gears from the Grafar chassis fitted to them. New rods were manufactured.

In no time the chassis was fitted into the Backwoods frames. With both wheel sets driven, the chassis works perfectly and all is well with the world again.