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  County Gate track plan  
  the rolling stock of County Gate  
    the locomotives of County Gate
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    the goods stock
  how we operate the model railway  
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    DCC conversion of County Gate
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    unstick stalled trains - the wobbler
    how to wire model railway points
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    the scourge of Vermis Modellonix
    our new fiddle yard
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    the operation of County Gate
    how to get the right atmosphere for your model railway
  model railway civil engineering  
    the evolution of steel bridges
    how to model railway civil engineering
    how we built the East Lyn Viaduct
  model railway baseboards, stands and lights  
    model railway baseboards
    the baseboards of County Gate
    the exhibition stands of County Gate
    model railway lighting
  model railway track and storage yards  
    introduction to model railway track laying
    fiddle yards, traversers, cassettes and sector plates
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    model railway wiring introduction
    how DCC works
    advanced use of DCC to control trains
    DCC software
    DCC sections and stop blocks
    how to unstick a stalled train
  how to model buildings  
    introduction to modelling buildings
    modelling bricks and stonework
    modelling roofs
    the art of making model buildings
    making model buildings in foam board and painting
  model railway backdrops  
  modelling model railway scenery  
    introduction to model topography
    how to model rock
    how to model ground textures
    how to model ploughed fields
    how to model water
    modelling bouyage and navigation marks
    how to model fences and walls
    how to model plants, trees and bushes
    how to detail model scenery
    modelling posters and signs
    how to weather model railways
    the use of scale colour
  the art of soldering  
  how we built our viaduct step by step  
    how we built the viaduct
    building the viaduct baseboard
    building the scenery around our viaduct
    photo album of our viaduct (opens in new window)
    photo shoot of the East Lyn Valley
  how we built the Glenthorne Harbour model  
    building the harbour baseboard
    laying the track
    building the harbour scenery
    making the harbour buildings
    building the model collier 'Glenthorne Rose'
    photo album of harbour (opens in new window)
  how we built a new platform and shelters  
  how we transport our model railway  
  how we keep the model railway clean  
  narrow gauge model rolling stock  
    wheels, flanges and back to backs
    how to make 009 trains work properly
    outside frames for model locomotives
    problems with Roco outside frame chassis
    couplings and electrical pickups
    scale narrow gauge couplings
    reliable model train uncoupling
    how to build metal etch models
    custom metal etching
    how we built our new diesel 'River Avill'
    the building of tank engine 'Axe'
    how we built the Mallet 'River Avon'
    how we built the Mallet 'River Brue'
    how we built the Victor Sandy River No 19
    conversion of the Sandy River loco to a tank engine
    how we built the first railcar no 200
    how we built railcar 201
    how we built the production railcar 302
    how we built the Glenthorne railcar
    how we used a Grafar 08 chassis in a Backwoods loco
    how steam engines work
    articulated locomotives
    Baldwin NG locomotives (PDF) (new window)
    list of Lynton and Barnstaple drawing available
    Lynton and Barnstaple liveries
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