Coast Redwood

The Coast Redwood, or Sequoia sempervirens, is usually referred to simply as the "Redwood". Although it does not grow as broad as the Giant Redwood, it does grow a little taller. It is in fact recognised as the tallest of trees, and many examples are currently measured at around 110 metres in their remaining native habitat of California. Some years ago, I understand that a group of people found a Douglas Fir which had grown to over 120 metres, but the fools only realised this when measuring it after having cut it down to make a flagpole (savages...).

The bark of the Coast Redwood is similar to the Giant Redwood in that it is grows thick, and although relatively soft compared to most trees, it is rather more firm or hard. Also, the trunk has a more parallel profile at the base, unlike the conical outward sweep of the Giant Redwood. The leaves are very different, being flatter and softer and shaped rather like the Yew, unlike the short spiky leaves of the Giant Redwood.