Mountain Ash / Rowan 


Mountain Ash, Gaelic Caorunn, Welsh Cerddin, Irish Caorthann (family Rosaceae)

Description: Small vigorous hardy deciduous tree producing large number of red berries in autumn. Coppices well. Height 15m but up to 18m. Age 100 years or more

Where found: Light and peaty soils not water logged up to 1000m. Pioneer species not tolerant of shading except in some Scots Pine woods. Commonest West and North of Britain but native
throughout Britain and Ireland. Also Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor.

Similar species: Other Sorbus species.

Uses past & present: Dense hard pale brown wood. Uses of wood - Turnery and carving and good firewood. Used to make bows in middleages. Formerly used for tool handles, mallet heads, bowls and platters. Food and drink - Berries are edible and used to make rowan jelly which is eaten with game. Enjoyed by birds who disperse seed.

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