the East Lyn Viaduct section baseboard

the plan of the viaduct section including the removable fiddle yard

grades on viaduct baseboard - click to enlarge

The first step was the construction of a coffin fit for the Jolly Green Giant! Until the harbour module was built, we needed a temporary board to join the tracks to the rear passage. The branch line to the harbour would remain out of use for the time being. The fiddle yard shown was eventually replaced with a new longer one.

The end of the station section has had a template made to display track levels and contours.

The new stand is assembled. The hotel section can be seen in the background with its backdrop removed, which is undergoing replacement.

The huge coffin was then brought up to the station section and the contours marked off.  The remaining contours were marked off from the scenic backdrop and the trackplan. We made an error and had to glue back in of piece at the back.

cutting the access hole for the hidden tracks or opening the back passage

The finished carcass waits for fitting of the cross members. The room is now chaos and covered in dust. Our housekeeper was not best pleased! The photo shows the track positions.

The viaduct is positioned and cross members in place. One can see the other sections with the new backdrops in place. - click on image to enlarge

All trackbeds and cross members in place along with the East Lyn river bed - click on image to enlarge

wire netting stapled in place and we are ready for Modrock

The hillside behind the viaduct is far too steep but will be covered in trees whose size and colour will give the illusion of depth. The river will wind to the left and disappear in the trees.

click on image to enlarge

The backdrops are now in place and the registry between the two boards established.

Jenny loves applying Modrock

The baseboard for the temporary loop end section is built.

It is quite amazing how the telephone rings just when you have your hands covered in plaster!

The first job was to join the boards together again after covering the end on the station section with cling wrap. The ground on the new section was made up to match the station profile.  A thin coating of Polyfilla was used to cover the Modrock and obtain the terrain profile required. We used a large plastic applicator for this and then smoothed over with a wet brush. The plaster is now being left to cure before carving the rock faces.

The Polyfilla coating has been applied and now the surface must cure. I do keep on dislodging that picture! 
click on image to enlarge

The rest of the day was taken up with wiring up the lights for this section. We use IEC 320 plugs and sockets (kettle plugs) to join all the lights together.

trackwork finished and ballasted and temporary end loop built and installed - click on image to enlarge

The trackwork, when laid is first painted in 'cruddy brown' and ballast laid, fixed in place with dilute PVA and weathered. Once we were happy with the appearance, the tops of the rails were thoroughly cleaned and treated with Carr's Nickel Silver metal blackening and cleaned off with Carr's cleaning fluid. The track sections were then checked for correct operation using a temporary DC power source. the tunnel mouths had to be relieved in a couple of places to allow stock to clear.

click on image to enlarge