how to make posters and advertisements

old enamel signs on the goods shed - click on image to enlarge

posters and enamel signs at the station - click on image to enlarge

All of the signage on County Gate have been simply made by printing in high definition on our computer. It is important to but high quality glossy photo paper which is resistamt to fading. This is more expensive but really worth the cost. I always hide the pack from my wife otherwise the rest of the sheets get used for grand children happy snappies!

Once the printing is complete, one can very carefully peel off the surface of the paper bringing with it the image. It is possible to obtain very thin posters in this way. Once the images are cut out, I attach to the buildings with PVA. Let the glue dry and then paint the posters with matt Ronseal varnish which protects the posters further.

Enamel signs used to remain on buildings for a very long time and were often well out of date. It is only when they started to be collected that they disappeared from walls! Do not forget that some posters can look faded and torn.

To get you started, you are welcome to download the posters we have used ourselves