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      We have listed the most common wild flowers by the months in flower.  Click on the plant names below for photo (this page is still under construction)
in alphabetical order (there are several pages to reduce load time, so just click onto the next one as required)  A to C  D to H  I to O  P to Z 

early spring March to April April to May May to June June to July July to August August to September late autumn


Lesser Periwinkle Cherry Laurel Lesser Periwinkle Yellow Iris Yellow Iris Himalayan Balsam Himalayan Balsam Himalayan Balsam
  Lesser Periwinkle Lords and Ladies Siberian Iris Common Knapweed Yellow Iris Japanese Knotweed Japanese Knotweed
  Lungwort Lungwort Ladies Mantle Ladies Mantle Common Knapweed Common Knapweed Common Mallow
  Marsh Marigold Marsh Marigold Lilly of The Valley Wall Lettuce Ladies Mantle Ladies Mantle Meadow Saffron
  White Deadnettle Meadow Saxifrage Marsh Lousewoort Lovage Wall Lettuce Wall Lettuce  
    Black Medick Wild Lupin Purple Loosestrife Purple Loosestrife Marsh Lousewoort  
    Moschatel Marsh Marigold Marsh Lousewoort Marsh Lousewoort Lucerne  
    White Deadnettle Meadow Saxifrage Lucerne Lucerne Common Mallow  
    Oil Seed Rape Meadow Vetchling Wild Lupin Common Mallow Meadow Saffron  
    Oxlip Black Medick Common Mallow Meadow Vetchling Black Medick  
      Common Milkwort Marsh Marigold Black Medick Ribbed Melliot  
      Hedge Mustard Meadow Vetchling Ribbed Melliot Common Milkwort  
      White Deadnettle Black Medick Wild Mignonette Monkey Flower  
      Oil Seed Rape Ribbed Melliot Common Milkwort Mugwort  
      Birds Nest Orchid Wild Mignonette Monkey Flower Hedge Mustard  
      Ox-Eye Daisy Common Milkwort Mugwort Common Nettle  
        Monkey Flower Hedge Mustard White Deadnettle  
        Hedge Mustard Musk Mallow Nipplewort  
        Common Nettle Common Nettle Ox-Eye Daisy  
        White Deadnettle White Deadnettle    
        Nipplewort Nipplewort    
        Oil Seed Rape Oil Seed Rape    
        Common Orache Common Orache    
        Birds Nest Orchid Birds Nest Orchid    
        Ox-Eye Daisy Orpine    
          Ox-Eye Daisy