baseboard alignment


Many still ask me if there is an easy way to accurately fix baseboard alignment pins.

If you are using thin ply, say 4 or 5mm for your baseboards, here is the easy way.

1. Place baseboards on flat surface and temporarily screw them together in the correct alignment.

2. Drill 3/16" alignment holes through both baseboard ends.

3. Using a hole cutter, drill out the pilot holes using a hole cutter to 28/30 mm diameter.

4. Screw the mould makers pins onto short lengths of 2" X 1" timber. (6" should suffice). Do not forget to drill a clearance hole behind the female plate to allow the pin to enter.

5. Assemble the blocks with mould makers pins through the clearance holes and glue in with 3 minute epoxy.

6. Separate the baseboards and firmly screw on the 2" x 1" blocks

And there you have it.