- Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus)

- A popular plant that has escaped known to many kids as snap dragon because when the flower is squeezed the jaws snap open when pressed. The plant is thought ti have originated in the Western Mediterranean. There are similar species Lesser Snapdragon Misopates orontium, is a native anual with long sepals and seeds that have one side smooth and the others encircled by a ridge . Asarina also similar is sometimes naturalised and has large Yellow Flowers. but has trailing stems and Kidney Shaped, lobed leaves .Flowering July September , Pink Yellow and White flowers sometimes mixed

Lesser Snapdragon Misopates orontium Short usualyy downy anualleaves linear , flowers scarcley sytalked , pouched , Pink Purple, size 15 -20 mm, July - October , on bare sandy places , a weed of cultivation