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This text and the images in this website may be used freely for exhibition guides and adapted if required.

This is the latest layout and it is already making a great deal of news.

Cliffhanger is a 009 scale model of the Glenthorne Harbour branch line that hangs on the North Devon sea cliffs at Countisbury Loop. Unusually, the 16ft long, 5ft high cliffs extend down to the ground and is visually spectacular. At the foot of the cliffs is a 1930s lido which is served by a funicular railway which goes to the top of the cliffs. The era modelled is the summer of 1935.

The model is a celebration of the famous North Devon cliffs. They are the highest in the UK and the only place where native oak trees descend right down to the shore (in the lee of Countisbury Head). They are also famous for waterfalls which crash right down to the sea. Our waterfall is animated! We think this is a first.

Trains bring coal and other goods from Glenthorne harbour and climb towards County Gate, the junction with the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway. Passengers are also brought to and from the harbour and may alight at the loop and take the funicular down to the lido.

Operation is controlled by an advanced DCC system which will allows for automation with a laptop computer using Railroad and Co software. There are ambient and train sounds.


Horsham Model railway Club Best in show 2013

Southwold Model Railway Show 2014  'best in show'

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Cliffhanger was first displayed at Warley 2012. These are some of the published comments:

"top of my list was Cliffhanger. Very impressive."

"Could get no closer to Cliffhanger than about three deep at the funicular end, I assume it was. The sheer scale of this was breathtaking, would have liked to spend longer and get closer to this masterpiece."

"Cliffhanger was just jaw dropping. The sheer scale of the thing is just astounding."

"County Gate and Cliffhanger took my eye as these were really the only 'fully scenic' models on show"

"Best models for me would be Cliffhanger"

"Highlights included the incomparable Cliffhanger, County Gate and Bratton Fleming"

"Impossible to get close to all day, crowds three deep admiring the wall of cliff and trees that almost touched the floor"

"Surprisingly, as I'm not much of a fan of narrow gauge modelling, I thought a few of the narrow-gauge layouts were fantastic. Real modelling of railways set in the landscape, rather than tacking on some scenery to a layout.
Cliffhanger and County Gate spring to mind."

"Favourite layouts (in no particular order) were Bratton Fleming, La Baraque, Charmouth, County Gate, Hospital Gates, Bath Green Park, Stamford East and Loch Tat (and it's rare that anything post-privatisation will even begin to win me over). Liverpool Lime Street was incredible to see, as were Cliffhanger and O'Connell Street."

"You did well to get some photos of was always a four deep scrum whenever I went round there...but well worth 'fighting' your way to the front for. "

"I was thinking that Cliffhanger was probably the most impressive display there until I got to the L&B live steam.....throw in all the magnificent scenery you want but you just can't beat the steam of a real steamer!"

"Cliffhanger was a very impressive layout; constructed on a steeply angled base board. More on this superb layout can be found on its website"

"Particularly enjoyed the Cliffhanger layout, what a great idea.

"I really liked the idea of the 'Cliffhanger' railway. A great layout with a completely different approach to the hobby. "

our needs as an exhibitor

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There is a high lighting rig in front of the model.

We require the provision of three 13 amp sockets (two for lighting). We can supply RCD plugs when required. We also require the provision of one table (which cannot be placed in specified clear area) and three chairs and a crowd barrier.

If the travel distance exceeds two hours (average speed 45mph) an option to stay Sunday night is needed. A long wheelbase Luton van must be rented from Thursday to Monday (as loading is onerous)


We require that the layout is insured at its quoted value of 40,000 GBP 
Stock is valued at an additional 10,000 GBP


The model railway is transported in a long wheelbase 'Luton' van. At present prices, van hire costs about 350 for the weekend. Fuel cost is calculated on the average fuel consumption 18 miles/gallon (diesel). The layout is loaded and unloaded from the van from its storage by local farm workers and we have to charge 60 for that service.

Rental for the van is more if travelling abroad due to additional insurance and recovery costs.

Time to offload and assemble the layout to operating condition is about 3 hours.

If you would like further information for exhibiting Cliffhanger, feel free to contact us by email.














General requirements

1. We require that the layouts are insured at their quoted value throughout the transit from our home and during the show and during its return to our home. The exhibition organiser is required to confirm in writing that this is the case.

2. We require that a suitable barrier is provided.

Many exhibitions provide barriers of different kinds. The barrier has to allow the free passage of a small mobility scooter between the layout and itself.


3.  Hotel accommodation is also expected to be provided. If the travel distance exceeds two hours (average speed 40mph) an option to stay Sunday night is needed.