DCC and wiring

Six trains will be operated in sequence, much in the same way as County Gate. The trains coming from County Gate will not be required to wait outside the passing loop until the other train has arrived. Colour light starting signals are fitted and these will be controlled by the switches installed in the Tortoise motors. The layout has a fiddle yard whose points are this time, operated by Tortoise motors. Two of the ladders in the fiddle yard allow for two trains (Cliffhanger Shuffle).

The funicular will operate independently of the trains with a timed wait top and bottom.

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Trains to be operated will usually be:

Railcar 302 (Atlantic Airstream now in Glenthorne hands) address 98
Glenthorne railcar address 3
Ben Halliday address 2
Pacific address 10
Kitson address 6
Hudswell Clarke address 7
Baldwin and Peckett double header address 12

electronics  used

Digitrax Zephyr with Locobuffer

The electronics board is located alongside the control panel.


the layout as shown on Railroad & Co