the waterfall

It is always a problem when one begins to animate the scenery of a model railway. Some parts may move while others remain resolutely frozen. One expects the viewer to suspend their critical faculties and use their imagination. The waterfall gorge on Cliffhanger was a case in point. The falls drop straight into the sea which is portrayed, frozen, in a moment of time. Why should the falls be any different? By rights, they should be frozen too.

I felt that this was perhaps an opportunity to push the boundaries again and finally figured out how to do the job. The one thing that absolutely does not work is real water as the stuff will just not scale down. This is not the case if it is reduced to very fine droplets, however.

click here to view short video

A great deal of care was taken to create the falling water using clear silicone mastic mixed where required with a touch of white. A number of ports were created to the back of the layout. The exits were hidden in the waterfall by silicone 'falling water'. Two 'mister boxes' were constructed housing ultrasonic mister transducers. With a fair amount of 'jigging around' we got the desired effect. Water level have to be maintained through a show, of course, and a draft will blow the mist away from the falls. Still, you cannot have everything!