on the edge

available for booking from Jan.2014

Waterfall Gorge. The waterfall is animated!

Considerable thought has been given on what to build after County Gate.

The first consideration has been to design a visually stunning presentation of a type rarely, if ever, seen on the UK exhibition circuit.

The idea evolved to feature the Glenthorne Harbour branch where the line clung onto the sea cliffs. These cliffs are some of the highest in the UK and the only place where sessile oak trees descend right down to the shore. This is because the promontory of Countisbury Head protects several miles of coast from the prevailing Westerly winds. The section around Countisbury Loop is modelled and includes the funicular down to the Glenthorne Lido. The total length of the layout is 16ft. The left hand section features the lido while the right features Waterfall Gorge which is actually animated.

The funicular is of course a working feature and is unusual in that it has an intermediate stopping point at the railway loop. The funicular passes under the railway line which is supported on a Warren truss bridge at that point. The art-deco lido, at the foot of the cliffs represents the classic lido architecture of the 1930s period. The building is a fusion of some of the most renowned lido buildings built in that period.