County Gate consists of 5 baseboards, three 7'6" X 30"  the fiddle yard, 7'6" X 24" and one 5' X 30". In addition, we have to carry the exhibition stands which break down very easily, pelmets and lighting. Despite efforts to be light, the boards are quite heavy, containing as they do, plenty of scenery, transformers etc. Two blokes can pick one up and load into the trailer. To help, hand slots are cut into the ends of each board.

We have been lucky to be able to purchase the near perfect trailer for transporting County Gate. It is a bit huge (5M X 2M X 2M) but could not be any smaller. Racks have been welded directly into the trailer that positively locate each baseboard. Because the door of the trailer is not full height, the top rack does not extend the full length of the baseboards, thus allowing them to be slide in at an angle. It is a tight fit but works. The baseboards slide down angle iron rails. The forward ends are held firmly in place by welded pins that locate into holes in the baseboards. Removable locating pins hold the rear of the baseboards in place. To get the baseboards to the upper section, we use a modified ladder as a ramp.

On arrival at an exhibition, the stands are taken out first and assembled. The lighting is then slid on (there are cable tie loops). The baseboards are then removed and fitted to the stands. The modules can then simply be wheeled into the hall and just require plugging together.


all loaded up

the removable locating pin

model rolling stock storage and transport

some of the coaches tucked up safe and sound in the KaiserRushforth large flight case - click on image to enlarge

A lot of consideration has been given to storing and transporting our rolling stock. We finally went with an outfit called KaiserRushforth Ltd. This business started when the owners sons wanted to have a transport system for his large collection of war gaming material.

The soft foam sheets are 'pick and pluck'. The segments are easily removed and can be placed where required. We used a hot glue gun to fix the segments where needed.

a section of 'pick and pluck'

the tray of locomotives partly withdrawn - click on image to enlarge

The trays for foam remove easily from the sturdy lockable flight cases using the ribbons seen in photo above.