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the course of the railway at Bratton Fleming can be seen in the trees

My aunt recounted to me before her death many years ago that there had been a big snow storm in the 1930s and the railway operated trains throughout the night to keep the line open. This model celebrates this story.

Unlike much colder countries, snow in the UK is usually a very ephemeral thing. After a snow storm of large sticky flakes, everything is coated white for a short time before it all falls off and melts just as quickly. The diorama tries to capture that short moment.

As usual, it was decided to automate the operation using Railroad and Co. software in order that the exhibitors can talk 'Lynton and Barnstaple' to visitors without distraction. Malcolm Alberry kindly agreed to be dragged into the scheme to assist with the software.

The diorama displays in both daylight and the dark, so lights are fitted into the buildings and rolling stock. Likewise, sound is fitted to the trains.

The actual station was hidden by trees by 1934, so we had to 'fell' sufficient trees so that the station can be seen. We also operate the locomotives in the opposite direction to prototype as this gives a better composition.