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Cornwall Model Boats

extremely helpful and a huge range of fittings

Sylvan Scale models
Laker Class Ocea
n Freighter 36" long
Deans Marine
01733 244166
tramp steamer 36" long
Sea Port Model Works URL  
Langley Models  01293 516329 URL  
model slipway URL  
steam crane URL  
rail steam crane URL  
Kibri cranes URL  URL
pillar crane URL  
crane boom URL  
the best steam crane models URL  
dock buildings URL  
dock buildings - sheds URL  
dock buildings - custom house URL  
dock buildings and accessories Langley URL  
ho scale ships URL  
link to collier SS Robin URL  
companionway etc etchings URL  
Frenchman River  excellent details including lobster pots in Ho URL  
another source of lobster pots URL  
lobster pots and some other details URL  
lobster pots and some other details URL  
Sylvan Models ships and buoys URL  
good quayside details from Harburn Hobbies URL